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Ramp up reps faster by providing an infrastructure of lead and prospect flow. Setup in way to help the rep learn how to prospect and find prospective opportunities, while reaching goals and quotas faster.

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It’s Very Important To Know Each Other Well.

Figuring out who your customer is, is critical to your success.

Bookd starts with careful analysis of your current database and your customer success data to learn what is needed from a messaging prospective to book the right meetings.

The result is a profile that can be used to figure out which cadence should be used to pull in new potential clients. 

What We Do

Database Creation

Need a database of potential clients? We can prospect and build lists for you. Our lists come verified from multiple sources to ensure accuracy.

Script Building

We can build scripts for your sales team that help reps sound natural on the phone

Qualified Meetings

Provide your sales team with qualified meetings based on criteria set by you.

Messages Sent
Sales Opportunities Found
48% increase in MQL and SQLs

How it works:

  • Learn who is your ideal customer

    Learn who is your ideal customer

    We need to figure out who your audience is. Then we know how to present your business appropriately!

  • Creating your Database

    Creating your Database

    We prospect a list of potential customers from SCRATCH, using our proprietary data cleansing and data enrichment process. We also cross referencing our hand-built, MANUALLY VERIFIED database for efficiency purposes.

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